Frequently Asked Questions About Sharing Backyards

What is Sharing Backyards?

In the most basic sense, Sharing Backyards is when two or more people or parties share resources in order to grow or share food. Those parties could be friends, family, neighbors or people who meet for the sole purpose of Sharing Backyards. The resources could be physical such as land, water, tools, and produce, and/or less tangible such as time, effort, and creativity.

What Land Qualifies?

Locations for Sharing Backyards may include, but are not limited to:

  • Front, back, and/or side yards

  • Parking strips

  • Roof Tops

  • Green houses

  • Empty lots of any size

What Activities Can We Do?

Sharing Backyards activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vegetable, fruit and/or flower gardens

  • Urban farm

  • Fruit trees or bushes (maintenance and/or produce share)

  • Raising chickens or other permitted livestock

What Do I Need To Share?

Have space available for gardening. This could be anywhere from front and backyards, to green houses, roof tops, and empty lots. Be a property owner and have home owners insurance for Wasatch Community Gardens liability purposes (see our terms of use).

What Do I Need To Use The Land?

Need or want space to garden in. This could be anyone from an apartment dweller or renter who can’t garden in his/her own yard, to some one who would prefer to garden with others.

How Do I Participate In Sharing Backyards?

To begin sharing, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to WCG Yard Share project home page.

  2. Register.

  3. Browse the existing listings for a potential match or post your own listing.

  4. Wait for a response.

  5. Begin making arrangements to share!

Who Establishes The Sharing Backyard Terms?

As facilitators of the yard share gardening program, Wasatch Community Gardens hosts a site for those interested in yard sharing to connect. While we provide information and advice on yard sharing, and a way to communicate with others, the rest is up to those doing the sharing – you! While we would love to hear how your yard share experience is going, it is the responsibility of those using the site to contact potential yard sharers, establish terms and agreements, and resolve conflicts.

What Do We Need To Consider?

Before you begin sharing, give some thoughts to your personal needs, such as proximity to the land, how much time and resources you can commit, and any special concerns you have. Once you have found some one to share with, it will be helpful to discuss specific details regarding how space, supplies and produce will be used and shared.

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