Canning and Preserving Handout - Workshops 2010

Preserving Workshop

September 18, 2010

Julie Nelson & Jonathan Krausert 


Can? Freeze? Dry?

What to do with all your hard earned garden goodies or farmers’ market finds?  It depends on the product, your tools and available space.  During this workshop we’ll cover general principles we follow to give you some ideas that might work for you.

Putting Food By by Hertzberg, Vaughan and Greene is the best overview of almost all preserving methods that we’ve found.  Also very good is The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest by Costenbader.   Here’s a general summary of what we do:  



Blanching/Processing  Time


Broccoli, cauliflower  Corn - leave on cob, once blanched, cut kernels Peas-sugar snap Carrots-small whole Peppers , Strawberries, cherries

3 minutes 4 minutes     30 seconds 5 minutes No blanching Freeze on trays, then bag.

Water Bath Canning

Whole tomatoes     Pears, peaches      Cherries, pitted     Pickles/relishes

Raw pack-added acid 43 min for pints 53 min for quarts Raw pack w/liquid 33 min for pints 38 min for quarts Raw pack w/liquid 28 min for pints 33 min for quarts Follow recipe

Pressure Canning

Marinara sauce   Green beans   Beets   Whole tomatoes

30 min @ 15 for pints 35 min @ 15 for quarts Raw, 20 min @ 15 for pints Hot, 30 min @ 15 for pints Same as marinara


Grapes (raisins), tomatoes, fruits

Break skins Cut in half or slice

General Steps

The general steps for freezing are:

·       Wash/prep product

·       Blanch, then cold shock

·       Dry and freeze on tray

·       Package, label and store in freezer

Tools and Supplies

·       Water bath canner

·       Pressure canner

·       Jar lifter

·       Timer

·       Lids and Rings

·       Funnel

·       Dishwasher (nice to have, not necessary)


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