Harrison Garden Proposal

Update 09/09/21

We are thrilled that Salt Lake City has approved funding for a new community garden at Harrison and 700 E through the City's Capital Improvement Program. We are currently working with garden neighbors and City staff on the next steps of design, planning and construction, with an open date goal of June 2022. Opportunities to participate in each of these design and building steps are open to the community, and neighbors who do participate will receive priority in plot rental assignments for 2022. To learn more and get involved, please contact Van Hoover, Green City Growers Manager, van @ wasatchgardens.org or 801-359-2658 x 26.

Update 08/05/21

Wasatch Community Gardens has been working with community members in Salt Lake’s Central City interested in creating a community garden at 700 East and Harrison. After identifying substantial neighborhood interest in this project, we have applied for funding through Salt Lake City’s Capital Improvement Program to develop the site into a garden.

Council Members are currently reviewing our funding request. You can voice your support by:

  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
  • Submit a comment through the City’s website
  • Attend the City's upcoming public hearing at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, August 17th, when 2-minute comments can be made about CIP funding requests. To sign up to make a comment during the hearing, visit the City’s CIP website. When you register to join the meeting through Webex, please indicate in that you wish to comment on CIP funding.

If you are planning to write or speak in support of this garden project, here are some talking points that we suggest. Feel free to pick one (or more) of the ideas below that speak to you, and add your personal touch:

Hello, my name is _____, and I live in the _______ neighborhood of Salt Lake City. I support funding a community garden at 700 East and Harrison because _______ . 

  • Community gardens increase access to healthy food, recreation, education, and community-building.
  • Community gardens reduce neighborhood crime, improve green spaces, create urban habitat for native wildlife, and conserve water, air and soil quality.
  • Community gardens and urban agriculture benefit the whole city and are a key part of the City’s commitment to climate resiliency.
  • The proposed garden is the only urban agriculture project currently being considered for CIP funding.
  • Currently the proposed site is sod that is watered and mowed by the City. Instead, it could be used to grow food and increase the sustainability of the City.
  • Salt Lake City needs to keep investing in projects like this to meet its commitment over the long term, the same as it continues to invest in other types of public infrastructure like roads or tennis courts.
  • Demand for gardening space will continue to grow as the population increases and housing density increases. 
  • Developing a new community garden on City lands takes 2-3 years. The first step is broad community engagement and outreach, which has been met for this project. All the project now lacks is funding to build the garden.
  • Wasatch Community Gardens is currently in the early, community-engagement phase of developing more community gardens on the West side, to add to the number of gardens that they already manage there. New projects in that area will not be ready for funding until after 2022.

Harrison Garden Petition

Salt Lake City recognizes the important role community vegetable gardens play in supporting our local food system, and has partnered with Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG) to develop and coordinate sustainable, flourishing community gardens on City-owned land. In order to help facilitate the development of new gardens, Salt Lake City has identified City-owned or managed parcels located on properties with access to a waterline and other conditions conducive to creating a successful and sustainable community garden.

Salt Lake City partners with WCG to select and provide ongoing support for each site. Under WCG’s coordination, gardeners help develop the site and handle many day-to-day operations. There is a cost to gardeners to participate on a yearly basis (typical plot fees are from $20 to $40), determined by WCG. New gardens are designed with ADA accessibility. 

The northwest corner of Harrison and 700 East is one potential site for a new community garden in 2022. The application will get final approval based on demonstration of community support, and funding for that fiscal year.

By filling out the petition form, your name will be added to the community support petition for a new community garden at the northwest corner of Harrison and 700 East.

For more information, or to join the volunteer organizing group supporting this garden, please contact Van Hoover, Green City Growers Manager, van @ wasatchgardens.org or 801-359-2658 x 26.

If you oppose this garden project or have any concerns, please contact Lee Bollwinkel, Associate Director, Parks and Public Lands, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 801-972-7800.

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