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5 Smart Reasons To Join A Community Garden Today!

5 Smart Reasons To Join A Community Garden Today!

1. Save money on healthy food

Eating healthy isn't cheap, however, we have a solution! Renting a $25 plot for the season provides 5 times the amount of food you would've spent that money on. Not only can you ensure organic quality but you will feel confident in knowing the food you are eartin is local.


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2. Meet new people - potential BFFs?

Joining a community garden is just that, you will be joining a new community of people who share similar interests.  Our gardeners vary from life-long green thumbs to first timers. Wherever you are in your gardening life, you will be surrounded by people to learn from. Community gardens not only garden together, but they also celebrate the Earth and her creations.


3. A great way to stay active!

Being outside is so important for our bodies and our happiness. Working hard in the dirt and to keep your plants watered is a simple way to stay active. Along with working in your own plot you will have opportunities to work alongside a team of gardeners to keep the garden as a whole nice and clean. Working outside together can help you gain muscle and increase your vitamin D from the sun's great rays.


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4. Help cultivate our Earth.

Not only will growing plants help our environment, it will decrease the amount of packaging you would've used if you bought your veggies at the grocery store. You will become a stronger example of using the green approach in life.


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5. Finally, you will feel the ultimate satisfaction from growing your own food.

It feels amazing to reap your reward of dedicated hard work. Growing your own food, learning from others, experiencing something new, all these things contribute to a final satisfying, well deserved accomplishment.

Now make sure to join
a community today! 


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