2022 On Demand Webinar: Organic Vegetable Gardening Basics


This workshop is being offered as a recorded version of a live webinar that was offered on February 26, 2022.  The webinar is hosted on the Demio platform.  

The class date of October 31 is just a place holder required by our system.  When you register, you will be able to watch the recording on demand at any time you choose!

Description:  This class is designed to help get you started growing some vegetables, whether it' on a balcony or patio, in raised beds, or an inground garden.  We'll touch on the basics of soil, fertilizer, and crops, with a deep dive into how to start a new garden and which crops to plant when.  We'll be taking a full-year perspective, so you'll come away with an understanding of how to grow food along the Wasatch Front 12 months a year.  Bonus: We'll discuss strategies for maintaining plant health and productivity during our very hot summers.  

NOTE:  Registered students will receive the link to the recording in the email confirmation. The presentation runs about 2 and 1/4 hours, followed by a Q&A session that lasted about 25 minutes.  

This workshop is $25 

Discounted rates available to community gardeners with WCG or the WCG Network.

Pre-Registration is required.  

We offer a limited number of reduced-tuition scholarships for low-income individuals.  If you would like to apply, please fill out and submit our scholarship application before continuing the on-line registration process. 

NOTE: No refunds will be issued for cancellations, as the link to view the recorded class is provided as part of the email registration confirmation.  

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