Companion Planting

What To Grow With Tomatoes

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You've heard of companion plants, but what are they? Well, they are plants that work well together. Pairing them provides a benefit to one or both. At the same time, some plants should be kept apart. (Hmm... sounds a lot like people.)

What kinds of benefits can companion plants offer tomatoes?

When chosen carefully, companion plants can:

  • deter pests and diseases
  • improve tomato health
  • improve tomato flavor
  • act as “good neighbors”

There are several plants that are considered excellent companions for tomatoes. Tomatoes also return the favor for other plants in your garden.

And there are also some “tomato enemies” that you will want to steer clear from your tomato zone. Check out this great guide to read about the best and worst plants for tomatoes.

Best & Worst Companion Plants For Tomatoes