Jordan Sortino

Green Phoenix Farm Assistant AmeriCorps

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Jordan (she/her) is the 2022 Americorps Farm Assistant at Green Phoenix Farm. She started her journey in her native state by attending Florida State University. After receiving a communications degree, she donated everything she owned and booked it west for a future unknown.

Before joining WCG, Jordan spent years living off-grid in southern Oregon, deepening her passion and connection to cultivation. There, she fell into the niches of living soil, self-sufficiency, bioreactors, com’poo’sters, and all things organic gardening. The only thing missing was the human connection piece, leading her to the community garden.

By serving as an Americorps member for WCG, Jordan hopes to gain experience with urban agriculture while serving the local community. She hopes that this opportunity will give her more tools for interacting with all living beings with compassion, creativity, and servitude.

When Jordan isn’t at the farm, you can bet that she still has dirt on her boots, plants on her mind, and an adventure ahead of her.