JoDeane Condrat

JoDeane Condrat first encountered the plant world at the tender age of 12. She worked at the local small town greenhouse earning 50 cents an hour to transplant seedlings into celled flats. “I had only a modicum of hope that any of those spindly plantlets would survive the rigors of my clumsy, inexperienced fingers”. But miracles do happen and that first-taste marvelous phenomenon of witnessing plant growth was experienced. Years passed and the small town girl grew up.

JoDeane married, graduated college, worked as a Radiological Technologist and raised two sons. Life was good! However, her desire to learn more about plants intensified. She enrolled in the Utah State University Master Gardener Volunteer Program hoping to become garden savvy. Every lesson was savored, yet stirred cravings for more. Thousands of volunteer hours were donated between organizations such as USU Extension, Thanksgiving Point Gardens and Wasatch Community Gardens. We’re talking nothing short of an obsessive addiction here!

More years passed and her pursuit led her deeper into her horticulture studies resulting in a degree in Plant Science from USU. After graduation, fortune came her way when USU employed her as the Horticultural Diagnostician, Educator and Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator, a job JoDeane loved yet recently retired from. She continues to enjoy growing and harvesting delectable edibles from her backyard garden alongside her husband and two dog companions, and marvels as each newly planted seed germinates from the fertile earth and matures into a living wonder.