Off-Broadway Community Garden

***The Off-Broadway Community Garden has been closed due to the area being developed for other uses**


The Off-Broadway Community Garden’s history is worth remembering. The location of the garden was once the 337 Project, a watershed event where 150 local artists, ranging from taggers to established gallery artists, swarmed over the building creating an art gallery like none other. The building was breathing with life, creativity, and inspiration as you walked through it. Sadly, the building was ultimately demolished in 2008.
In an effort to keep the spirit of community alive, in the fall of 2014, the site was selected to become a community garden for WCG in partnership with SLC Green. Still embracing the original spirit of impact and community, WCG and the City hosted a series of open houses. People from the community participated in designing the new garden. WCG and the City then took the piece of asphalt that was once the #337 vacant lot and tore it up. With the help of countless volunteers, WCG built and installed garden boxes, brought in dirt, and worked relentlessly all spring and summer. Plants started to grow in the 31 plots, and the garden’s wait-list grew to two years! This garden is an extraordinary example of the high demands urban areas have for community gardens, highlighting the importance of strong, local food systems and healthy food access.

Mission Statement:
OBG hopes to engender a sense of local community built around the common desire for heathy food and sustainable practices that extend the life of our community and planet.

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