Green Team Farm

Started in 2016, the Green Team Farm Project, located at 622 W 100 S, is a farm-based job training program that aims to simultaneously revitalize an underutilized urban area while providing opportunities for women who are experiencing homelessness. During the 10-month program, participants study organic agriculture techniques, rediscover and cultivate a solid work ethic, and work to restore their sense of confidence.  The program is a partnership between Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG) and Advantage Services. 

Expanding on the success of the Green Team Farm, WCG is launching Seeds of Success, a new program focused on assisting single mothers living in poverty. Seeds of Success is a job training and placement program that leverages the therapeutic environment of the Green Team Farm to help participants develop strong professional and social networks.  The program will capatilize on the positive role that gardening and healthy eating can play in the journey from poverty to self sufficiency for struggling families. WCG will execute the program through a partnership with Climb Wyoming (, a nonprofit with 30 years of experience moving families out of poverty.

For questions about the Green Team Farm, please contact James Loomis, Farm Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.