Community Garden - Plot Application

This form allows you to apply for a garden plot, or renew your existing application. You may select as many gardens as you like from the list below. You will be contacted when any of the gardens you select have a plot available.

Please read our Garden Policies and Organic Standards before filling out this application, and make sure that community gardening is right for you. Our gardens are volunteer-run, and require the participation of everyone for a successful growing season. This includes participating in garden discussions, work days, and volunteer roles.

If you have questions, please contact Susan Finlayson, Community Garden Program Director, 801-359-2658 x12, Thank you!

You may select as many gardens as you like from the list below. We will contact you when a plot in any garden you select is available. Square footages reflect the average plot size within each garden. Actual plot size may vary. Garden plot fees are listed below for your information, and represent the garden's annual fee. There is no fee to apply. Click here for more information about our Plot Scholarship Application.
Total Amount
Community Garden - Application
*In addition to two mandatory meetings per year, our gardens rely on email to discuss garden topics, plan garden projects, and make group decisions.

I have read WCG's Garden Policies, which include weeding and harvesting my plot and surrounding pathways, six (6) hours of volunteer work outside of my plot per year, attendance at the spring and fall garden meetings, adherence to WCG Organic Standards, etc. I understand that failure to comply will result in the loss of my gardening privileges.

Do you have a medical condition that requires use of a wheelchair-accessible plot, or garden bed raised 3 feet above ground? (We will contact you only if an accessible plot becomes available.)

CONFIDENTIAL USE ONLY:     We collect the following demographic items for grant reporting purposes. This information is confidential and reported only in aggregate.

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