School Garden Program

The School Garden Program is dedicated to growing healthier and smarter kids by using school gardens as an educational tool.  School gardens provide such an amazing opportunity to engage students, teachers, parents, and volunteers, but they also offer their own unique challenges.  The Wasatch Community Gardens School Garden Program is here to meet you where you're at and lend a helping hand!

We are excited to support to school gardens in the following ways:

If your school would like support beyond the offerings listed, consider becoming part of the School Garden Program!

Become Part of the School Garden Program

Wasatch Community Gardens' School Garden Program offers support to school gardens in the Salt Lake Valley. We know that running a school garden has different needs and challenges from most other community gardens. WCG is here to help you manage those needs; whether it's supporting a school in getting their garden going, providing support through changes in garden leadership, or helping educators incorporate the garden into their classrooms. We will work to help you reach the next level of growing and eating fresh foods in your garden!

Tier 1: School Garden Program Ambassador

We are always looking for teachers to report back on how we’re doing with our curriculum development. If you have access to a school garden and love to try new lessons with your students, you might be the perfect fit as a WCG School Garden Program Ambassador. We accept applications for ambassadors on an on-going basis. 

If you don't have a garden, but you are interested in getting your class involved with garden-based lessons, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see what we can do!

Apply to be a School Garden Program Ambassador

Tier 2: Consultation Gardens

Tier 2 schools are schools that have an engaged and excited staff and community.  Tier 2 schools might need a bit of support with knowing how to fully utilize the garden as a teaching space or they might need a bit more support as they go through development, expansion, or a change of leadership.  Tier 2 schools are doing amazing work on their own, but would like just a bit of outside support to take their project to the next level.  By signing up to be part of Wasatch Community Gardens' School Garden Program at the Tier 2 level, a school will recieve:

  • Access to Wasatch Community Gardens' staff time in the form of four site visits a year (read more about what site visits are all about)
  • Scholarships for two people to attend one of the School Garden Leadership Trainings (either "Before you Break Ground" or "It's Built, Now What")
  • Scholarships to Wasatch Community Gardens' standard fee organic gardening workshops
  • Volunteer assistance (as available)
  • Access to Wasatch Community Gardens' Seedling Share

Download an information pamphlet about the Tier 2 program

Apply to become a Tier 2 School

School Garden Program Scholarship Application

Tier 3: Teaching Gardens

Tier 3 schools are schools that need a little extra support to realize their full potential.  Whether they have a lot of land that they are struggling to manage or there has been a change in the leadership of the garden, we will be there to help train new leadership on maintaining the garden and incorporating it into the classroom.  The largest difference between the Tier 2 and Tier 3 gardens is the teaching time.

Tier 3 gardens will recieve 4 weeks a year of direct teaching in the school garden by Wasatch Community Gardens' staff.  Staff will come to the school and spend a week teaching garden lessons to every student in the school.  Teachers will be able to 'shadow' the garden lesson to observe how to manage a classroom out in the garden, and will be given follow up lesson plans to keep their students engaged.  Because Wasatch Community Gardens' staff will be using the garden for teaching, staff will also assist the school with work parties and management of the garden.

Tier 3 schools will recieve all of the Tier 2 benefits PLUS:

  • Four weeks of garden-based classes taught by Wasatch Community Gardens' staff with every lesson including a seasonally apporpriate snack.
  • Work parties and volunteer days organized by Wasatch Community Garden' staff and with the garden leadership team of the school.

Download an information pamphlet about the Tier 3 program

Apply for the Tier 3 Program

Participating Schools

Coming June 2017!

Meet the School Garden Program Ambassadors

Coming June 2017!

We are also thrilled to be hosting a whole bunch of workshops dedicated to the school gardener.  Take a look at the 2017 summer line-up:

2017 School Garden Workshops

The curriculum workshops are designed to give you one semester worth of lesson plans, planting plans, and recipes. For anyone looking for a ‘guideline’ on what to plant, how to teach about what you’ve planted, and how to turn what you’ve grown into a snack for the whole class, these workshops are for you!

Please note, the material covered in the May 20 & 23 workshops will be the same, and the material covered in the Sept 26 & Oct 7 workshops will be the same.  We are teaching the same material on two different days to offer a veriety of time options.  It is strongly recomended that you sign up for ONE spring and ONE fall workshop together to receive a full years worth of planting and teaching plans!  (For example, sign up for the May 20th and the October 7th classes at the same time)

Sat, May 20th 10am-12pm Cooking Curriculum: Growing a summer and fall crop, Eating in the Classroom

Tues, May 23rd 6pm-8pm Cooking Curriculum: Growing a summer and fall crop, Eating in the Classroom

Tues, Sept. 26th 6-8 Cooking Curriculum: Growing a spring crop, Eating in the Classroom

Sat, Oct. 7th 10-12 Cooking Curriculum: Growing a spring crop, Eating in the Classroom

If you’re looking to start a school garden or you already have a garden and need pointers on how to manage it or how to expand it, we have two workshops this summer for you.

Tues, June 13th 6-8 Starting a School Garden: Before You Break Ground

Tues, July 11th 6-8 Managing a School Garden: It’s Built, Now What?

If you are interested in starting a school garden, need guidance, advice or tips about your school garden, or have general questions about community or school gardens, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., School Garden Program Director, or call her at 801.359.2658 x18