Urban Chicken Keeping Basics with Celia Bell

Join Celia Bell, urban farmer extraordinaire and lover of all things fowl, as she presents on all the basics of raising backyard chickens in Utah.

Delicious, healthy eggs and great fertilizer come from happy poultry.  Come meet our new mixed flock of assorted breeds and relax next to the newly-rebuilt Grateful Chicken Coop while Celia discusses local chicken regulations, coops, breeds, chicken care, and more.  Be on the cutting edge and be the first in your neighborhood to practice urban "eggriculture!"

Looking forward to seeing you and talking fowl!

Marybeth, Celia, and our cast of feathered characters

Note: You might also be interested in our brand new workshop about chicken breeds on Thursday, July 13th from 6-8pm (click HERE for more info and to register).

More about Celia:  Celia has been an organic gardener since 1998, has degrees in zoology (with minors in botony and chemistry) and in horticulture, and has had chickens since the spring of 2004.  Celia's chickens work very hard at her urban farm on garden bug patrol, soil fertilizing and preparation, and egg production.  Celia is a former WCG employee and teaches gardening classes for WCG, University of Utah Lifelong Learning and elsewhere in Salt Lake City.  Check out her awesome blog at simplephat.wordpress.com.

Location information

Grateful Tomato Garden

Salt Lake City
800 S 600 E