Backyard Chickens: Know Your Breeds!

Come to this brand new workshop and meet the one-and-only Colton Herbert, the knower of "all things chicken," and learn about the pro's and con's of each breed before you select chicks for your flock.  If you've already got a flock but are considering introducing some new chickens at some point, this class will help you understand which breed(s) to select to integrate best with your existing flock.

Colton is a savant who studies poultry and poultry books at length, often to the exclusion of all else.  Nothing brings him more joy or excitement than sharing that knowledge and conversing with others of like mind.  His passion for, and detailed knowledge about, chickens and chicken trivia will fascinate you!  

He'll share his "Top 5 Breeds for Kids," "Top 10 Breeds for Egg Laying," and other lists and tips for creating a flock to meet your expectations, whether you're raising a flock for meat, eggs, or just as feathered friends.  

In addition to meeting 8 to 10 different breeds at the Grateful Chicken Coop during class, you'll also get to meet Colton's favorite hen from his personal flock, who will be pecking about wearing her harness and leash.  We'll each be able to take Colton's hen for a walk, hold different chickens, examine different types of combs and the advantages of each, learn how to tell roosters from hens, and figure out how to predict what color egg a given chicken will lay!  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of Colton's vast experience with chickens, including having managed the 70+ laying hens for Urban Farm and Feed in Sandy, UT for the past several years.