"The Chicken Man" Presents: Cold Weather Chicken Care & Coop Winterization

At this new "Cold Weather Chicken Care & Coop Winterization" workshop, students will get to meet our new volunteer guest instructor and 5-generation Utah chicken keeper, Brent Averett, known to many as "The Chicken Man."

Brent is coming up all the way from Payson, UT to share his expertise in chicken-keeping and to walk us through winter-proofing our chicken enclosures. You couldn't ask for a more experienced and knowledgeable chicken expert than Brent! Come learn how to batten down the hatches for winter from "The Chicken Man."

Why is it important to think about cold weather chicken care?  Well, it can get pretty frigid here along the Wasatch Front during the winter months, and even though most chickens are pretty cold-hardy, we as their caretakers should make sure that they're protected from things like frostbite-causing conditions and cold drafts. 

Boredom can become a significant issue during the winter, too, when chickens may stay inside in the coop for longer periods to avoid the cold and snow.  Because boredom can lead to feather-picking, bullying, and severe aggression, it's crucial to take preventative measures such as providing distractions, toys, and foraging opportunities during the winter.  We'll go over all sorts of options to keep your feathered friends happily occupied this winter.

Brent will also review wintertime nutritional needs (which differ from other times of the year), parasite prevention and the risks of having a broody bird as winter approaches.

The whole flock awaits!  Gert, Millie, Hazel, Dottie, Chicken Little, Banana, Annie Oakley and Mrs. Winkles.


Photo credit of hen in snow:  FreshEggsDaily.com 

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Grateful Tomato Garden

Salt Lake City
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