Oct 21, 2017 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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It can get pretty frigid here along the Wasatch Front during the winter months, and even though most chickens are pretty cold-hardy, it's important for us as their caretakers to make sure that they're protected from things like frostbite-causing conditions and cold drafts.

At this new "Cold Weather Chicken Care & Coop Winterization" workshop, we'll discuss some of the risks chickens face in cold winter conditions, and we'll work together to install draft protection in the coop and snow drift protection over our outdoor run. This is going to be a super fun, hands-on learning experience, and students will get to meet our awesome new flock of feathered lovelies: Gert, Millie, Hazel, Dottie, Mrs. Winkles, Chicken Little, Banana and Annie Oakley.

Come learn how to batten down the hatches for winter!


Photo credit:  FreshEggsDaily.com