2019 Composting: Black Gold for your Garden

Jun 15, 2019 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Grateful Tomato Garden


As long as we're growing and eating fruits and veggies, we're creating lots of kitchen scraps and plant debris that has to be dealt with.  Why toss that material into our green waste bins when we can compost it instead? Compost is a super affordable (mostly free) and incredibly useful soil amendment, adding organic matter and increasing the biological activity in our soil.  It also helps to retain moisture if used as a top dressing (mulch) and improves soil structure. 

This workshop will help you understand the science behind great compost and the ingredients needed to make a healthy, productive compost pile. Topics will also include building, watering, turning, and troubleshooting your compost pile, and a review of different composting methods so that you can build a pile that matches your lifestyle, space, and gardening needs.  We have several different types of tumbling composters on-site for you to check out, too. Now's your chance to come learn the basics of making your own "black gold" at home and maybe share some of your own successes or challenges you've faced composting in the past. 

Each student will get to handle, smell, sift, and compare some amazing "finished compost" from Marybeth's home garden and from our Green Team Farm.  

compost in bucket with womans arm

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Grateful Tomato Garden

Salt Lake City
615 E 800 S