2019 Snacks for Your Garden: Supplemental Fertilization through Soil Drenching and Side Dressing (Working Lab)

Jun 15, 2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Do you do any supplemental fertilization for your crops? If you're not using any liquid fertilizers in your garden, and if you're not side dressing your onions and leeks or other heavy feeders, come learn how these additions can increase the fertility of your soil and the vigor and the productivity of your food-producing plants!  We'll learn why feeding your plants and soil with organic liquid products like fish emulsion, kelp, worm tea, and compost extract can be so incredibly effective, and we'll practice the proper application techniques for feeding the soil so you'll know how to do it at home.  We will also review which crops benefit from additional side dressing of granular fertilizer such as blood meal, and we'll practice this technique in our teaching gardens.


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