Learning About Fall Veggie Gardening


Fresh lettuce and mizuna in November?  Rainbow carrots and crisp baby turnips at Thanksgiving?  Aphid-free kale in November?  You bet!

One of the best-kept gardening secrets is that you can harvest luscious and healthy fall crops in October, November and beyond with just a little planning and know-how.  At this presentation, students will learn the basics of fall planting, including which crops tend to do best during the shortening days of autumn, how to get your cool season vegetable seeds to germinate in the heat of late July or early August, how to boost the plants' productivity throughout the fall, and how to extend your harvest season into the dead of winter with low-tunnels, hoop houses, and cold frames. This is a great opportunity to ask all your fall crop and season extender questions.

Then on Saturday, October 5th, come to our "Putting Your Garden to Bed" class, or our "Extending the Season with Cold Frames and Low Tunnels" class (separate registrations required) at the Grateful Tomato Garden for some hands-on experience taking down a garden and preparing it for winter and next gardening season. 

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