What's Wrong with my Veggies: Basic Organic Pest Management

Aug 21, 2019 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Black ends on your tomatoes got you down?  Holes in the leaves on your eggplants?  Sunken spots on your peppers?  What's a gardener to do??

Let's get together and learn how to apply some simple strategies now and throughout the rest of the growing season to increase your chances of having healthier and more productive vegetable plants in your garden this year and in future years.  We'll review the specific steps you can take to correctly identify and manage virtually any pest or disease that might crop up in your veggie garden, and you'll learn about a host of free resources that are available to help you figure out the mysteries that plague your garden.

This discussion-based workshop is a perfect introduction to our hands-on working lab, "What's Wrong With My Veggies:  Plant Pest Diagnostics" that will be held on Wednesday, August 28th from 6 to 8pm.  

In "Plant Pest Diagnostics," we'll take what we learned in "What's Wrong With My Veggies: Basic Organic Pest Management" to the next level, examining veggie plants in the garden that are suffering from an assortment of common garden pests and diseases.  Students will be challenged to diagnose the problems and to find management or treatment solutions using as assortment of resources, gaining valuable hands-on experience and confidence in tackling everything from spider mites to early blight! 

Note:  "What's Wrong With My Veggies: Basic Organic Pest Management" is a required pre-requisite for "What's Wrong With My Veggies: Plant Pest Diagnostics."

Organic Pest Management Aphids and Lacewing Eggs