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Come and gain hands-on skills through our line-up of organic gardening workshops, webinars, and working labs.  Wasatch Community Gardens has been offering quality education in organic vegetable gardening for decades.  Let our expert instructors walk you through all aspects of growing your own fruit, veggies, and herbs.  Our Campus includes over 1800 square feet of annual vegetable gardens and additional zones dedicated to fruit trees, all sorts of berries and brambles, native and water-wise edible perennials, and insectaries.  In our working labs, students gain skills through hands-on practice with sowing, planting, transplanting, dividing, pruning, trellising, fertilizing, harvesting, and more.  Class sizes in our in-person workshops are small to allow students as much hands-on practice in the teaching gardens as possible.  Our small student-to-instructor ratio also affords more time for questions and individualized attention.


For our outdoor workshops, masks are optional. We invite you to wear a mask based on your personal preference, informed by your personal level of risk. For our indoor workshops, masking and physical distancing will be required during medium and high community transmission levels, and at the discretion of our staff during low community transmission levels. In such cases, we will notify you to bring a properly-fitting mask and wear it over your nose and mouth, and to physically distance (6’ apart) from staff and other students, regardless of your vaccination status. No exceptions.  Our virtual webinars, "how to" videos, and other virtual events are great alternatives for individuals wanting to learn about organic vegetable gardening outside of our in-person workshop settings.

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We offer reduced-tuition scholarships for low-income individuals. See below for the online application.

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Reduced tuition scholarships are available to low-income individuals for each of our workshops and webinars unless noted otherwise in the description. We encourage low-income community members and students to take advantage of these scholarships. Ensuring that our garden education is affordable and available for all members of the community is important to our organization!

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Quotes From our Students!

"I wish I had done this [workshop] years ago when I started gardening. I've learned more tonight than I have in the last 5 years or more. Thank you so much!”

“Wow, that was so fun and interesting. [Marybeth is] a great teacher and make it fun. I just wanted to hang out for hours.”

“Thank you for the fabulous garlic class.  [Marybeth is] a gifted teacher and [her] passion for all things garden is inspiring.  The class info was really, really helpful and I can’t wait to improve my garlic growing capabilities.”

“Prior to the classes my gardening success was mostly luck not knowledge; classes reinforced so things I was already doing and gave me actual knowledge to succeed.”

“Most of my confidence comes from techniques that I learned in the classes. There are times when I try everything that I know and I am still not successful at gardening. That is when I want to learn more and take more workshops”

“Wonderful people; beautiful grounds; exciting courses offered; lots of love and graciousness evident around the place. Thanks to WCG.”

“I'm very thankful for your strong presence in the community. Although we don't attend as many workshops as we like, I feel supported in our gardening interests and endeavors knowing that enthusiastic and knowledgeable instruction is easily available. Thank you!”

“Marybeth and the team at Wasatch Community gardens are outstanding! I have enjoyed every workshop that I have taken and I have learned so many skills and techniques. Thank you for having a variety of classes and offering them frequently”

“Marybeth is such an amazing educator!! I would come to a class just because she gets me excited about gardening more than anything else!”

“The garlic workshop I attended was awesome. Learned a lot and was excited to plant the garlic given right after the class. The instructor was excellent and hands on learning in the field was very effective and thank you for the take home garlic to plant at home!”

“I really began to grow the majority of my plants from seed after taking the “Flower Seed Starting Indoors” workshop. I learned so much of what was needed to start seeds indoors, such as the necessities like lights, etc. Since then, I also incorporate lots of flowers in my veggie beds to attract more beneficial and plus, it looks pretty. Overall, I have always taken away some new piece of knowledge from every workshop I have attended”