Marybeth Janerich

Marybeth, or "Mb" as we like to call her, became our Community Education Program Director in January of 2016. Mb was a long-time supporter of WCG prior to joining the staff, having volunteered on the chicken crew and garden crew and at numerous Spring Plant Sales. Mb’s prior career spanned nearly twenty years at the University of Utah in research coordination, but she’s spent every free minute since 1996 honing her gardening skills and growing vegetables, berries, tree fruits, and annual and perennial flowers and herbs, and she became a Salt Lake County Master Gardener in 2014. She's an absolute fanatic for tomatoes, having grown 203 varieties of tomatoes, and she trials new varieties in the WCG Demo Garden and in her home garden every year. When she isn’t gardening, cooking, or canning, Mb can be found with her husband and three Labradors roaming the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest to fly fish, hike, backpack, paddle board, or Nordic ski.