2018 Workshop List


**Garden Leadership Series Bundle- Attend all Six Classes**

11th Garden Leadership Series #1 - How to Start a Community Garden Part 1 community

18th Garden Leadership Series #2 - How to Start a Community Garden Part 2community

25th Garden Leadership Series #3 - Community Garden Designcommunity


1st Garden Leadership Series #4 - Fundraising for Community Gardenscommunity

8th Garden Leadership Series #5 - Growing a Garden Community community

15th Garden Leadership Series #6 - Refugee Community Gardens community

10th Selecting Super Seeds advanced

17th Garden Planning and Designbeginning

17th What's wrong with My Veggies? Organic Pest Management advanced

21st Vegetable Gardening Series #1beginning

24th Organic Gardening Basicsbeginning

28th Vegetable Gardening Series #2beginning


7th Vegetable Gardening Series #3beginning

10th Vegetable Gardening Series #4beginning

10th Seed Starting in the Greenhouse advanced

14th Vegetable Gardening Series #5beginning

17th Beginning Organic Gardeningbeginning


7th Potting up in the Greenhouse advanced

7th Sowing Spring Cropsbeginning

11th Selecting Super Seedsadvanced

14th Soil Basics with Celia Bellsoil

14th Organic Fertilizers & Amendmentsadvanced

18th Advanced Topics in Chicken Care #1chicken

21st Soil Biology with James Loomissoil

21st All About Tomatoesadvanced

28th Meet the Red Wigglers with Kate Whitbecksoil


17th Tomato Planting Tips & Tricks beginning

23rd Budget Container Gardeningbeginning


6th Advanced Topics in Chicken Care #2chicken

13th Tomato Pruning & Trellisingadvanced

16th DIY Solar with Giles Larsenadvanced

20th Urban Chicken Keeping Basicschicken


25th Liquid Fertilizationadvanced

28th Get Your Fall Salad On! Sowing Fall Cropsadvanced

28th Learning About Fall Gardeningbeginning


18th What's Wrong with My Veggies? #1 - Organic Pest Managmentadvanced

22nd What's Wrong with My Veggies? #2 - Plant Pest Diagnostics advanced

25th Compostingsoil


12th Advanced Topics in Chicken Care #3chicken

15th Seed Saving with Giles Larsenadvanced

15th Cuckoo for Cover Cropssoil


13th Join the Bat Squad!community

13th Garlic Tasting, Planting, & Growingadvanced

20th Cold Weather Chicken Carechicken

20th Winding Down for Winterbeginning




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