Fairpark Community Garden

Fairpark Community Garden is a haven in the middle of a highly diverse part of Salt Lake City. Our garden is shared with the Wasatch Community Gardens' Youth Garden Program. The produce grown on that part of the garden goes into the homes of the young gardeners and also a large amount goes to local food pantries in Salt Lake City. It is a growing, learning, caring community of like-minded people.

The site of the Fairpark Garden had been previously surfaced with road base and gravel, and used as a State Fair parking lot up until 1993. After getting permission from the City to convert the site into a garden, staff rented a D-8 bulldozer with hydraulic rippers to break up the ground over the entire area to a depth of three feet. Salt Lake City put up the fence, and cultivation began.

Additional Info

  • Location: 1037 W 300 N, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Type: Allotment Garden
  • Year Garden Started: 1993
  • Contact: Van Hoover
  • Phone: 801.359.2658 x16