All About Onions, Shallots, and Leeks


This hands-on working lab will help students understand the different growing techniques for these cooking staples that elevate the flavor and nutrition of everything from soups and sauces to stir-fries and salsa.  This workshop will cover variety selection and the different options available for growing onions (seeds, sets and starts) and leeks and shallots (direct-sowing vs. sets or transplants).  We’ll also include some tips and tricks for successfully growing them in the home or community garden.  Students will get to plant some of each, practicing the techniques taught in class. 

Come prepared to work in the garden!  It may be chilly out so bundle up. We will cancel via email the day before if it's expected to be a total downpour or snow storm, but our fingers are crossed for beautiful weather!  

Please note: This workshop has been rescheduled from April 18th to the new date of April 24th.  

Location information

Grateful Tomato Garden

Salt Lake City
615 E 800 S