Soil Basics with Celia Bell


Soil Basics1

The heart of your garden is the soil.   Your plants’ health and productivity are directly related to the characteristics of your soil, themicro-organisms that live in it, and the organic matter available to them as food.  Join Wasatch Community Gardens and local soil expert Celia Bell for a lesson on soil matters. We will talk about the components of soil, soil texture and structure, the role of water and air in soil, and attendees will assist Celia in taking a soil sample for a soil test.  We will also discuss how to interpret soil test results and calculate the correct amount of nutrients we need to add to our gardens based on the soil test recommendations. Come learn how to build your soil from the ground up and have healthier and more productive plants as a result!

Location information

Grateful Tomato Garden

Salt Lake City
615 E 800 S