2021 Organic Vegetable Gardening


This workshop is designed to help get you started growing some vegetables, whether it' on a balcony or patio, in raised beds, or an inground garden.  We'll touch on the basics of soil, fertilizer, and crops, with a deep dive into how to start a new garden and which crops to plant when.  We'll be taking a full-year perspective so you'll come away with an understanding of how to grow food along the Wasatch Front 12 months a year.  Bonus: We'll discuss strategies for maintaining plant health and productivity during our very hot summers.  

This workshop will be offered as a live webinar using Demio.  Registered students will receive a webinar link with instructions a day or two prior to class.  The presentation will be about two hours and will include a live chat Q&A (i.e., students can type in their questions).

Instructor:  Marybeth Janerich

Webinar assistant:  Maddie Mariluch

Webinar tuition is $20.  Discounted rates available to community gardeners with WCG or the WCG Network.

Pre-Registration is required.  Deadline for registration is Feb. 3rd at 1pm.

NOTE: No refunds will be issued for cancellations once the reminder email (with the link to the webinar) has been sent out 24 hours before class.  If you find you'll be unable to attend the webiar live, you're invited to view the recorded version on demand.  The webinar will be recorded and will be available to registered students to view afterwards, but the chat feature will not be available for questions. 

We offer a limited number of reduced-tuition scholarships for low-income individuals.  If you would like to apply, please fill out and submit our scholarship application before continuing the on-line registration process. 

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