Statement in Solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

As an anti-racist organization that serves all members of our community, including many in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, we at Wasatch Community Gardens would like to share this recent statement from local leaders and express our solidarity:

“We are devastated by the news of [this week’s] shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, and we express our sincerest condolences to all the victims and their families who are affected by this tragedy. While the motives connected to these horrifying killings are yet to be settled, it is deeply disturbing that many of the fatalities are among the most vulnerable in our communities: women of Asian descent. It is clear that anti-Asian hate incidents have exploded over the past year across our country. The increase of anti-Asian hate speech is absolutely unacceptable and must stop. Divisive rhetoric, such as describing the Coronavirus as the 'Chinese Virus,' has increased acts of hate against members of the AA&PI community broadly. Unfortunately, too often acts of hate go unreported. We urge all Utahns to come together, to call out hateful rhetoric, and to support one another as we get through this challenging time. Hate does not have a place in our community, but your safety and security does. You are not alone.”

~Elected leaders and organizations from Utah’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

The Salt Lake Tribune posted this statement, available in context here

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