Jenifer Ewoniuk, Treasurer

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Cowboy Properties

Jenifer Ewoniuk has served as Vice President of Management Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Cowboy Properties since its inception in 2001. She oversees all management operations including human resources, payroll, network administration, risk management, operational logistics, financial statements and budgeting. Jenifer has worked in the multi-family industry since 1985. She has B.S. degree in Business Administration from Dickinson State University.

Jenifer served as president of the Utah Apartment Association from 2005-06, was a member of the board of directors from 2002-14 and a member of the executive committee from 2003-10. She was the UAA Regional Manager of the Year in 2002. Jenifer was also Regional Vice President, a member of the board of directors and a member of the finance committee of the National Apartment Association (2007-08). She loves to eat sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.