Celia Bell

External Education Manager

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Celia started organic farming in 1998, growing food for a farm collective of 90 people on 6 acres right out of college. In 2004, she started an urban homestead with her partner in the Glendale agri-hood of Salt Lake City, where they continue to experiment! Off the homestead she's been teaching gardening classes at Volunteers of America Utah’s Center for Women and Children, University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning Program, and Green Urban Lunch Box’s Small Farm Initiative, with various other side gigs like teaching backyard chicken classes at most of Salt Lake County Libraries. She also has a formal education studying plants, animals, and chemistry. Her side interests are hiking, cross country skiing, and camping. As the External Education Manager for WCG, she is developing and teaching our adult education classes and organizing other garden educational events. She loves sharing skills and nerding out with fellow gardeners and homesteaders. If you have interest in learning new skills, comparing notes with fellow gardeners, have ideas for new classes, or would like to teach a class yourself, please contact Celia!