Karina Lugo Villalba

Volunteer Program Director

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Karina Lugo Villalba - Mother, Woman of Color, Social Worker, Community Worker and Native to Chihuahua, Mexico. Karina's heritage has always been the heart and soul driving her professional pursuits. An advocate and voice for marginalized youth and their families, she is consistently pushing the boundaries in efforts to decolonize social work practices. She takes an equity focused approach to bringing information advocacy and access to resources to all. Karina loves working for the neighborhood she calls home - Rose Park - building bridges, connecting with community members, tutoring youth, and empowering families. When she isn't being a voice for those who need it, you can find her at Centro Civico Mexicano with others who practice Danza Mexica in honor of her ancestors but also as a means to connect with others who are seeking spirituality. Karina honors Tonantzin (Mother Earth) through gardening. She established a school community garden with children and their families in hopes to inspire pride in their heritage through agricultural practices. Karina believes growing native plants with people from culturally diverse traditions connects children to generational heritage.