Green Phoenix Farm

Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Phoenix Farm is a 1.4-acre urban farm located at 622 W 100 S in Salt Lake City, on property owned by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake.  This location serves as the home to our Green Team Job Training Program, which offers women facing homelessness the opportunity to work a paid farm position while working toward stable housing and employment. 

Green Phoenix Farm has improved a blighted area of the City by revitalizing a vacant lot into a beautiful and productive green space. The farm is 100% solar powered and serves as a demonstration site for regenerative agriculture and permaculture techniques. The farm is currently certified Organic under the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

In addition to hosting WCG's Job Training Program, the Green Phoenix Farm is vital to the organization's other programs and our community. The Green Team grows and harvests over $60,000 of produce annually that is distributed through our four main programs to over 2,100 participants and community members who do not have access to healthy, organic, local food; 40,000 plus organically certified seedlings are also grown at the Farm for WCG's legendary Spring Plant Sale and for distribution to nonprofit partners.

For more information about the Green Phoenix Farm, contact Farm Director James Loomis (801.948.0420; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Stewardship is one of WCG's core values. Prior to the Green Phoenix Farm’s establishment in August of 2016, the property it now occupies was vacant and filled with debris, invasive weeds, and trash from years of transient “squats”. While it did provide some habitat for birds and insects, it provided few other resources for them or the people living in the area. The property was dry and neglected for the better part of 20 years.

Now, the land is alive and vibrant. Years of mulching, composting, and deep biological approaches to soil management has created enduring fertility. The farm boasts an array of forward-thinking ecological design features, including:

  • Multiple advanced composting methods
  • Hand scale, no-till agriculture
  • Organic growing methods
  • Beneficial insect habitat
  • Extensive beneficial fungi
  • Carbon farming
  • Efficient water usage
  • Solar power
  • Repurposed infrastructure materials
  • Seed stewardship

To learn about any one of the above topics, read an in-depth report of our Green Phoenix Farm and its environmental regeneration successes here (compiled in 2021).


All the produce grown at the Green Phoenix Farm is donated to low-income families lacking food access via our community partners. In other words, every bit of this produce is donated back to our community and never sold for-profit. This allows the farm to serve as a critical community source for healthy food while not competing with the important services provided by our local for-profit farmers.


Green Phoenix Farm is an educational space for all who want an introduction to urban farming, organic gardening, regenerative agriculture and composting techniques, or for anyone who simply wants to spend an hour (or a day) on an urban farm getting their hands dirty. We welcome individual volunteers as well as larger groups (including corporate groups). Our volunteer opportunity pages are updated regularly. Sign up for a shift, or reach out to WCG Outreach & Volunteer Director Amber Nichols with questions.

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