Bronti DeRoché

Green City Growers Program Manager

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Bronti is Wasatch Community Gardens' Green City Growers Program Manager. Bronti grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She came to Utah for a lobbying internship and stayed because of the geology. She loves the mountains. Bronti worked for the Forest Service for five years and graduated with a master's in environmental policy. These brought her a great sense and love for the outdoors and what can be done to protect our environment. Gardening is one solution to address climate change. Through gardening, she has connected to her community, taken care of her health, and learned about different plants. Prior to working at Wasatch Community Gardens, Bronti worked at o2 Utah as their Outreach Director. She is excited to move from the heart of Utah politics to working with people to develop gardening plots and being outside. She loves skiing, climbing, biking, eating, cooking, and walking her dog.