Sugar House Garden Petition

map of garden site

As part of the Salt Lake County Urban Farming program, underutilized County park land will be considered for community gardens. Salt Lake County (SLCO) recognizes the important role community vegetable gardens play in supporting our local food system. In recognition of these potential benefits, SLCO has made it a goal to support community gardens, and partners with Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG) to develop and coordinate sustainable, flourishing community gardens on County-owned land.

SLCO has requested funding for one community garden in 2020; the County partners with WCG to select and provide ongoing support for the site. Under WCG’s coordination, gardeners will help develop the site and handle many day-to-day operations. There will be a cost to gardeners to participate on a yearly basis (typical plot fees are from $20 and $40), determined by WCG. Gardens will be designed with ADA accessibility. 

Sugar House Park is one potential site for a new community garden in 2020. The application will get final approval based on demonstration of community support, funding for that fiscal year, and approval from the park Board.

By filling out the form below, your name will be added to the community support petition for a new community garden at Sugar House Park.

For more information, or to join the volunteer organizing group supporting this garden, please contact Giles Larsen, Parks for Produce Program Manager, Wasatch Community Gardens, 801-359-2658 x17.

I confirm that the information I have provided is accurate. I have read the above information about the application to create a community garden in Sugar House Park. By checking the line, “I want a plot,” I am stating that I want a community garden plot and am interested in participating in garden development. By checking the line, “I want to help,” I am stating that I do not want a plot in the garden, but I'm still interested in participating in garden development. By checking neither box, I am stating that I support the creation of a community garden in our neighborhood. I have read Appendix A of the application documents titled Roles & Responsibilities, and understand the various roles of those involved in the community garden project.