2019 Workshop List

Workshop Bundles

Garden Guru Program 


9- Intro to Organic Vegetable Gardening FREE CLASS!
23- All About Berries and Brambles with Liz Hamilton
23- Sowing Spring Crops


6- Beginning Seed Saving with Giles Larsen
13- Growing Great Tomatoes
20- Getting to Know Your Soil with Celia Bell
20- All About Kitchen Herbs with Kate Galarza

24- (new date) All About Onions, Shallots, and Leeks


16- Tomato Planting Tips & Tricks
18- Budget Container Gardening


6- Meet the Red Wigglers: Vermicomposting for Black Gold
12- Tomato Pruning and Trellising
15- Veggie Boost: Soil Drenching for Health & Productivity
15- Composting with Kip Legend


13- Sowing Fall Crops
13- Fall and Winter Veggie Gardening


17- What's Wrong with My Veggies? Organic Pest Management Basics
20- Cuckoo for Cover Crops
21- What's Wrong with My Veggies? Plant Pest Diagnostics


14- Grow Year-Round Salad Indoors: Sprouting & Microgreens
14- Tomato Tasting Event in the Garden


5- Putting Your Garden to Bed
5- Extending the Season: Cold Frames & Low Tunnels
12- Join the Bat Squad! A Family Workshop
12- Garlic Planting, Growing, and Tasting