2020 Workshop List

Please note that, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and government-issued recommendations that Utahns refrain from large social gatherings, we are changing some classes to a webinar (on-line) format and cancelling others that are not well-suited to a webinar format.  We appreciate your patience as we evaluate our options and try our best to respond to the current situation.


4 - All About Berries and Brambles with Liz Hamilton - TBD

4 - Soil Biology with James Loomis - cancelled

11 - Getting to Know Your Soil with Celia Bell - cancelled

18 - Growing Great Tomatoes: Cultivating for Health and Productivity (webinar)

22- All About Onions, Shallots and Leeks:  Varieties, Cultivation, and Troubleshooting - TBD

25 - NEW! All About Culinary Herbs:  Varieties, Cultivation, Preserving, and Troubleshooting with Liz Hamilton - TBD


13 - Tomato Planting Tips and Tricks

16 - Container Gardening with JoDeane Condrat

21 - El maíz nuestra raíz / We are all born from corn


13 - Catalyst's Bee Fest at WCG's Green Phoenix Farm:  Look for mini workshops by Wasatch Community Gardens!

17 - NEW!  Getting Funky with Fungi:  DIY Mushroom Cultivation with Katie Lawson

20 - DIY Solar with Giles Larsen

20 - Backyard Composting:  Turning Kitchen Scraps into Black Gold for the Garden

23 - Growing Great Tomatoes:  Pruning and Trellising 

27 - WCG's Urban Garden and Farm Tour


16 - ¡Somos lo que comemos! / We are what we eat!

18 - Sowing Fall Crops

18 - Learning About Fall and Winter Veggie Gardening


18 - What's Wrong with my Veggies?  Organic Pest Management, with JoDeane Condrat

19 - Cuckoo for Cover Crops

25 - What's Wrong with my Veggies?  Plant Pest Diagnostics (working lab; pre-requisite required)

26 - Common Problems in the Veggie Garden along the Wasatch Front


5 - WCG's Tomato Sandwich Party


15 - Celebración de Cosecha / Harvest Celebration

17 - Putting Your Garden to Bed

17 - Garlic Planting, Growing and Tasting


Thank you to our Workshop Sponsor : Millcreek Gardens